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Remote Control Jammer Signal Blocker 433mhz 868mhz 100M

Item Code: DH-02EB
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  • Description
The instructions on FSK FM two frequency monitor
A product profile of the
This product is a kind of high power double frequency FSK FM radio transmitters. In a certain range, can block the same frequency of the wireless signal, cheating in spec ialized radio devices used for some occasions; Remote control electronic said; Remote control scale load such as cheating, the examination room the hotel; The meeting, etc. Failure makes cheating wireless signals. Factory frequency (default) to 434 MHZ and 868 MHZ, other frequency can also be customized according to customer requirements.
The second parameter
Working voltage: DC9V (built-in rechargeable lithium battery (800mha))
Working current: 80 mha (double frequency)
Working frequency: 434 MHZ, 868 MHZ (ASK). 434 MHZ, 868 MHZ (FSK) 2 kinds of modulation mode optional;
Coverage radius: 30-100M
Dimension: 150 * 60 * 25 mm (including the antenna)
The power adapter: DC9V / 1 A
Color: black
Material: aluminum alloy
Three methods of use
A: open the package, the instrument antenna above the socket screws into the back of the instrument antenna, respectively, to tighten, prevent malfunctions,
2:3-4 hours need to charge, just can use, the factory capacity is only about 50% of the products. (electricity shortages will directly affect the use effect)
3: press the side of the power switch, the blue light is lit, monitor the launch of 434; 868 MHZ wireless signals. Namely again press the side of the power switch, the blue indicator, monitor stop working.
Four: default ANT1 frequency is 434 MHZ, ANT2 is 868 MHZ. (from left to right)
1: it is strictly prohibited to use a dedicated power adapter inserted into the power input port
2: host with electrical danger, please do not open the back cover, in order to avoid electric shock and impact the warranty
3: long time or when going out for a long time, please turn off the power supply, pull the plug.
4: please use the appropriate shielding environment, so as not to affect the use effect
5: avoid the sun, rain, water droplets, long-term under high temperature and wet environment.
6: the instrument is the effective range of the host centered round area, so pay attention to when using the location of the correct selection of instrument lest produce shielding blind Angle.
7: this product belongs to sensitive instrument remote control products, for example: electric cars, cars, remote control door, door remote signal shielding effect, such as fair use, please